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Testing Centre: State Food Testing Laboratory, Pasteur Hills, Shillong, Meghalaya

I. For Government Samples: For any Government samples including food and water, the concerned clients or manufacturer can contact the Food Safety Officers (Enforcement unit) of that particular district and inform the need for testing of the required samples.

II. For Private Samples & Others: For any private Samples including Food and Water that required testing at the State Food Testing Laboratory, Pasteur Hills, Shillong, following procedures should be followed: -

Parameters for Testing

a) For Microbiological testing (Testing of Bacteria, Fungus etc.,)

  • It is mandatory for a client to collect ‘Sterilize bottles or Container’s’ from the State Food Testing Laboratory, Pasteur Hills, Shillong, Meghalaya.
  • The process of collection of samples should be followed as per the Laboratory procedure which will be guided to the respective clients on collection of the sterilize bottles or Container’s from the Laboratory.

b) For chemical testing (Testing for pH, Iron, Moisture, Calcium etc.,)

  • The clients required to bring a clean sample bottle of their own for testing; however, the procedures for collection need to be followed as per the SOP or laboratory procedures which can be explained accordingly by the laboratory official on collection of the Sterilize bottles.

c) For Testing of Heavy Metals & Pesticides

Kindly contact the Senior Laboratory Analysts for standard procedure of sending samples for the above test.